How To Own Winter Driving

Here's The Gear You Need To Navigate Frosty Conditions Like a Boss

Winter weather driving can be intense: Low visibility, ice patches or precipitation on the road can make spinning out (or getting stuck) much more likely than driving on an average sunlit Sunday cruiser. Thankfully, many roadside emergencies are preventable if you've got the right stuff. Here’s all the gear to pack to ensure that you're prepared.

10 Road Movies For Winter Blues

These Cinematic Journeys Can Add Some Summer To Your New Year

Feeling cooped-up after a holiday spent amid winter’s tragically limited color scheme? Finding yourself in the middle of a month-long holiday hangover? We've just the thing to incite some inspiration: a great American road trip. On film, that is.

Should You Subscribe To Uber?

Rideshare Providers Unveil Monthly Packages. Are They Worth It?

It’s official: Subscription models are kind of a thing. Recently, Uber announced the launch of its new subscription model called Ride Pass, offering passengers rides for a set fee based on a monthly subscription payment. It’s launching in multiple cities for a monthly price of either $14.99 or $24.99 per month. So what's the catch? You've got questions, we have answers.

Why NYE Driving Sucks

From Thieves To Party Rookies, Here’s Why You Should Avoid The Roads On Dec. 31st

New Year’s Eve is one of the diciest times of the year to be on the road, but that’s probably nothing you don't already know. Fact is, there are all sorts of reasons to leave the driving to the pros on New Year’s Eve. Let's explore why.

What's The Best Nav System?

Why The Mounted GPS Unit May Not Be Dead

Face it, none of us can get around on our own anymore without digital assistance from our navigation system of choice. But which one should you really be using? Your car's built-in nav, that app on your smartphone, or a stand-alone GPS unit? We break it down in this guide so you can choose the nav system that best suits your needs.

These Are The Top 5 Cars on Fair

When you browse through the Fair app, you’ll see thousands of cars of all shapes, sizes, colors and prices. So what are the most popular cars that other Fair customers are driving? We've compiled some Insta-worthy bios to help you decide which one is best suited as the newest member of your crew.

What If My Fair Car Gets Damaged?

Fair Has Your Back Through All Levels Of Vehicle Hurt

Getting in a fender bender is one of life’s pesky inevitabilities. You know it’s going to happen sometime; you just don’t know when and you hope it’s nothing too serious. The good news? Fair is here to help you sort out the aftermath of a road run-in—or any other level of damage.

Is The Holiday Gas Spike Bogus?

You've heard it before, and it seems to make sense: gas prices naturally increase around the holidays. But is it true? In reality, there are many factors that predict when to get the cheapest gas. Here's what they are.

My Budget-Sized Life

I Was Raised Cheap—Now I Choose To Be 'Fabulously Frugal'

Growing up in Ohio, my parents passed on the ancient art of penny-pinching. And now that I'm living an adult(ish) life in oh-so-expensive Seattle, I’ve elevated my ability to hold onto a buck to levels even they might find impressive.

Things You Shouldn't Own

From Music to Clothing, Flexible-Use Models Are Changing How We Experience Our Favorite Things

Listening to your favorite song used to mean going to the record store to spend $20 on an entire CD of mostly unheard tracks—and then making room for it forever on your now impossible-to-dust window sill. Of course, music streaming means nobody has to actually "own" music anymore. Here's how similar subscription-style services are changing other industries—from entertainment to fashion and beyond.

5 Ways To Pooch-Proof Your Road Trip

The only thing better than taking a road trip is taking one with your dog. Whether you’re seeing the country, visiting friends or family, or driving just for the sake of it, here’s how to make sure you and your four-legged pal have a safe and fun time on the road.

How To Wash Your Car

Everything You Need To Know About Giving Your Ride a Proper Scrub

So you're a fiscally responsible adult who's landed a dream car. But you dread paying the big bucks for that fancy car wash, don't have time to DIY it, and don't trust that sketch automated car wash attached to the gas station. What are you supposed to do? Grab a sponge and soak up some car-washing knowledge.

7 Fair Cars For Thanksgiving

Do Turkey Day In Style With Holiday Promo On These Sweet Options

Whether you’re visiting the fam long-distance, taking a mini-vacation or having the relatives trek to you, Fair has cars to fit whatever version of Thanksgiving you celebrate. Here are seven reasonably priced vehicle options, all of which you can get right on your phone and in time for turkey day—with no long-term commitment and with an oh-so-sweet holiday promo code.

The Great Lending Loophole

High Interest Rates Are Illegal. So How Are Auto Lenders Getting Away With Them?

With consumer protections in place for literally just about anything you can buy, you'd think regulations would protect you from high-interest auto loans. Well, those laws do actually exist. They just don’t apply to the vast majority of finance companies.

Why Owning A Car Costs More Than You Think

Having your own car is awesome. But is actually owning it worth the cost? Turns out, car ownership comes with a slew of random expenses you might not have considered when you agreed to that five-figure sticker price.

Meet Today’s ‘Anywhere Employees’

New Companies, Greater Freedoms Bring New Meaning To Working Remotely

The concept of working remotely is busting free from home offices and heading across the globe, thanks to employers and services catering to the “untethered” lifestyle. And while this nomadic workforce demands flexibility in housing and transportation to enable their go-anywhere lives, they certainly don’t have to go it alone.

A New Way to Drive

Why This Family Man Ditched His Buy-And-Hold Car Credo

Consulting recruiter Uros Majstorovic, 29, always believed in the benefits of buying a car new and driving it until the bitter end. But when he realized his longtime vehicle was worth less than what it would cost to get it back in shape—and that he actually hadn't enjoyed driving it for years—he went looking for another one. He wasn't expecting what happened next.

Stars & Their Cars

17 Classic Photos That Prove The Rich & Famous Roll In Style

Cars and celebrities have always made a powerful combination, giving the coolest, fastest and most expensive rides a prominent place in pop culture. Much more than just modes of transportation, the cars of the rich and famous have become status symbols of the American Dream. Here, we take a look back at some of the most notable celebrity cars throughout time.

How Fair Mileage Works

Figuring your car's annual mileage may be the worst part of filing your annual tax return. After all, did the epic road trip you back-ended onto that conference in Vegas count as "business miles"? And how are you supposed to know your odometer reading from last year? By going through old oil change receipts? Fortunately, figuring the mileage that comes with your Fair car is easy! We walk you through how in this handy guide.

Why These Futuristic Transportation Methods Are Failing To Take Off

In an era where innovation seems to be bringing us the future almost daily, the transportation method most of us use has remained much the same since the early 1900s: gas-powered cars. Of course, this isn’t surprising since cars represent an unbeatable combination of convenience, freedom, self-expression, coolness and fun. But what about all the other futuristic transportation models that were supposed to be a thing by now?

Why Jeeps Rule

7 Reasons To Love America's Original 4x4

It’s hard to find a vehicle more American than the Jeep. Fact is, there are a lot of reasons that the Jeep—and specifically, the Wrangler—is regarded as one of the most distinctive and timeless automobiles ever.

How Do I Return My Fair Car?

Some of the worst things in life have one thing in common: it’s harder to get out of them than it is to get in. But unlike cults, open wells and vacation timeshares, walking away from your Fair car is as easy as ordering it on the app. Here’s our quick three-step guide on turning in your Fair ride to ensure you won’t face any surprises when you're ready to move on to another car—or give some other mode of transportation a try.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

4 Scary New Repossession Techniques

More Americans are behind on their auto loan payments—and that means boom times are here for repossession companies, who are using increasingly high-tech methods to haul away the cars of delinquent drivers. Here are some of the scariest ones we’ve heard.

‘Adulting’ Without Credit

Use These Five Tips to Achieve Mastery Over Your No-Credit Life

After you graduate from college, the only grade that really matters is your credit score. And if you’re like most young adults, yours might not exactly be “killing it.” With nearly 70 percent of Americans have committed a major financial mistake before turning 30, here are five tips for navigating your beginning adult years without a solid credit score on your side.

6 Fair Cars For Less Than Your Monthly Groceries

When you think of your monthly expenses, what does a few hundred dollars typically get you? Pilates/Crossfit/yoga classes? Well, what if two Benjamins (and a few Jacksons) could get you a car? In fact, this exact scenario is entirely possible if you’re into these six Fair models—each one running you less than $300 per month.

Why People Are Owning Less

Experiences Are Replacing Possessions As What Define Us

There was a time when the American dream was defined by what we owned: a house, car, jewelry, furniture, artwork. Having stuff meant we were successful and statused and, man, we just loved it all. But, as the saying goes, times have changed. People—particularly Millennials—have come to understand that owning something actually carries significant life-inhibiting costs: time, maintenance, storage, repairs, even your peace of mind. Here are six reasons that millions of people are simplifying their lives for the better by owning less stuff.

What Is Routine Maintenance Anyway?

Your Fair Car Includes It. What It Covers May Surprise You.

Just like us, our cars need regular checkups to make sure they’re in good shape. Thankfully, every Fair car comes with two annual routine maintenance visits, covering oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections. So how do you, maintenance-minded Fair customer, take advantage of this important benefit?

My Car Loan Nightmare

A Temporary Employer Insisted I Get an Auto Loan. The Damage Was Quite Permanent.

In my first autumn out of college, I got a job working for the campaign of a state school board candidate in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. It was not my dream job. In fact, it was glorified temp work. But that didn’t stop the consultants who’d hired me from insisting that I procure, as a part of my duties, a permanent set of wheels. Agreeing to their demand turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Why Auto Debt Sucks.

We Owe More On Cars Than Credit Cards. That's A Problem.

Since the beginning of the auto industry, car loans have been how most of us who don’t have a spare $35k in our money clips can afford a vehicle. But have you ever examined what you’re really taking on when you agree to an auto loan—or how perilously deep this river of debt actually runs?

We Want To Talk. And Listen.

Welcome to the Fair Blog. We want to use this space to tell compelling and hopefully entertaining stories that will help our readers navigate the modern rules of employment and commerce—where the greatest power of all is sometimes the ability to walk away.

5 Subprime Auto Loan Lessons From John Oliver

As the undisputed king of the segment-based hammer drop, John Oliver's genius is on full display in an epic video targeting the predatory practices of the subprime auto loan industry. We break down its five most buzz-worthy moments.

Little-Known Facts About These 17 Vintage Cars

From kit cars to mid-century sedans to rare supercars, these 17 timeless automobiles will make even the most tech-obsessed modern driver yearn for the good old days.

Why Escaping My Cable Contract Was the Ultimate Power Move

I’m not a doomsday prepper or anything, but most of my financial commitments are probably soft enough to pull off a pretty decent bug-out plan. Amid my loose fiscal attachments, however, one long-term contract has managed to stay chained to me like an ankle monitor: my cable TV plan.

The 7 Stark Realities Of Entering the Gig Economy

Flexibility Is Key To Mastering The Freelance Life

The notion of work is changing. Nowadays, even those of us with full-time jobs are more likely to set our own hours, dress codes and other previously set-in-stone elements of office life. For those working the gig economy, the freedoms are even greater—and it can be equal parts awesome and stressful.

The Best Way To Sell Your Car

Your Decision Comes Down To Convenience vs. Value

If you’ve ever wanted to part with a car, you know how hard it can be. After all, you’re giving up the one physical object that’s been a part of all your awkward dates, mind-numbing commutes, and off-key power ballad sing-alongs. Here are three ways to get rid of a car that’s outlived its place in your life.