Andy Stonehouse

Mid-Life Crisis? Try These Fair Cars.

Sometimes Getting Through Life Means Changing Up Your Ride

Back in the day, a brand-new Corvette in the driveway of the timid, middle-aged dentist next door was enough to provoke neighborhood whispers of that most American of nervous breakdowns: the mid-life crisis. Don't judge. Fact is, everyone wants to turn their back on practicality and roll in a super-hot car now and again. Here are some of the raciest rides in the Fair stable for your personal bout of four-wheeled self-help.

Where Our Cars Come From

The US Is Just Part Of The Global Automotive Picture. We Go On A World Tour.

We tend to think of the United States as the global leader in automobile culture. After all, it’s the land where the Model T, Ford Mustang and pickup trucks have all had a role in making us the motorhead role models of the world. But for all of America's innovation, it's far from the only game in town. We go region-by-region to check out the various countries in pursuit of the car-making crown.

Do Traffic Schools Work?

They're Great At Making Money. Their Effectiveness Is Less Certain.

So your Fast and Furious driving techniques finally caught up to you: You got a ticket. In many states, you could give away an exasperating sum of your free nights to traffic school to stem the long-term consequences. But should you? And does attending one really help you address your driving flaws?

Should The 'Stick Shift' Die?

Manual Transmissions Are Tricky, Labor-Intensive And Outdated. They're Also Glorious.

Back in the day, learning the delicate dance between clutch, gas and brake was one of the many complicated and exhausting steps required for teenagers to earn entry into adulthood. But once you got the hang of it, “driving stick” was something else altogether: actual fun. It's just one of the reasons we should resist the totally logical demise of the manual transmission.

Normal Car, Hybrid Results. Here's How.

Whether you’re into saving the environment or just your own hard-earned gas money, there’s good news: Your existing gas-powered automobile can be effectively optimized for better mileage. All you need is a little coaching and some oh-so-temperate driving techniques.

What's The Best Nav System?

Why The Mounted GPS Unit May Not Be Dead

Face it, none of us can get around on our own anymore without digital assistance from our navigation system of choice. But which one should you really be using? Your car's built-in nav, that app on your smartphone, or a stand-alone GPS unit? We break it down in this guide so you can choose the nav system that best suits your needs.

The Great Lending Loophole

High Interest Rates Are Illegal. So How Are Auto Lenders Getting Away With Them?

With consumer protections in place for literally just about anything you can buy, you'd think regulations would protect you from high-interest auto loans. Well, those laws do actually exist. They just don’t apply to the vast majority of finance companies.

Why Owning A Car Costs More Than You Think

Having your own car is awesome. But is actually owning it worth the cost? Turns out, car ownership comes with a slew of random expenses you might not have considered when you agreed to that five-figure sticker price.

Why Jeeps Rule

7 Reasons To Love America's Original 4x4

It’s hard to find a vehicle more American than the Jeep. Fact is, there are a lot of reasons that the Jeep—and specifically, the Wrangler—is regarded as one of the most distinctive and timeless automobiles ever.

5 Subprime Auto Loan Lessons From John Oliver

As the undisputed king of the segment-based hammer drop, John Oliver's genius is on full display in an epic video targeting the predatory practices of the subprime auto loan industry. We break down its five most buzz-worthy moments.