Liz Knueven

5 Cars You Can Start With Alexa

Technophiles, rejoice! In addition to the bevy of other conveniences Alexa offers, everyone's favorite personal assistant can now connect to smart home devices and start certain cars remotely—among some other cool things. Here are some of the top car models employing this truly life-altering technology for those of us who can’t be bothered to fumble around with antiquated car-baubles like keys.

6 Money Apps You Should Know

Use Your Phone To Get Your Financial Life In Line

Let’s face it, organizing your finances can be downright intimidating. Fortunately there are some cool, tech-centric financial help options that offer big-time help. Whether you’re looking to erase debt, raise your credit score, or are just want a little help starting your savings, we scroll through the best apps to bring out your best financial self—without even putting your phone down.

America’s Car Payment Crisis

A Record Number of Americans Are Behind On Their Auto Loans. Here’s Who’s Hurting Most.

You've heard the often-repeated narrative surrounding our red-hot economy: consistent stock market gains, low unemployment, etc. But the simple fact is that not everybody is participating in its success—and that's a problem. In fact, a record number of Americans are delinquent on their auto loans—more than during the 2008 financial crisis. And it's not just the down-and-out who are affected. Young, educated Americans are having serious trouble getting ahead in life and out of debt. Here's why.

How We Used To Buy Cars

16 Photos That Show How Auto Retail Has Changed. And How It Hasn't.

Cars have changed a lot over the years. How we’ve gotten them? Not so much. Check out these photos for a peek into the past of the auto sales biz. Which in some cases doesn't look much different than the present of auto sales… minus the inflatable flailing tube man, of course.

Will Bankruptcy Ruin Your Credit Forever?

Bankruptcy is regarded as one of the most intense financial situations someone could find themselves in—a true last resort for those in legit economic dire straits. But does it spell the end of a healthy financial life?

These 10 Places Will Pay You To Move There

Would you pick up your life and move to get a nice tax break, help with your student loan, or just score a nice check? From rolling prairie hamlets and rust-belt revival towns to international villages, we've discovered the top locales ponying up to import talent.

Why NYE Driving Sucks

From Thieves To Party Rookies, Here’s Why You Should Avoid The Roads On Dec. 31st

New Year’s Eve is one of the diciest times of the year to be on the road, but that’s probably nothing you don't already know. Fact is, there are all sorts of reasons to leave the driving to the pros on New Year’s Eve. Let's explore why.

Is The Holiday Gas Spike Bogus?

You've heard it before, and it seems to make sense: gas prices naturally increase around the holidays. But is it true? In reality, there are many factors that predict when to get the cheapest gas. Here's what they are.

My Budget-Sized Life

I Was Raised Cheap—Now I Choose To Be 'Fabulously Frugal'

Growing up in Ohio, my parents passed on the ancient art of penny-pinching. And now that I'm living an adult(ish) life in oh-so-expensive Seattle, I’ve elevated my ability to hold onto a buck to levels even they might find impressive.

7 Fair Cars For Thanksgiving

Do Turkey Day In Style With Holiday Promo On These Sweet Options

Whether you’re visiting the fam long-distance, taking a mini-vacation or having the relatives trek to you, Fair has cars to fit whatever version of Thanksgiving you celebrate. Here are seven reasonably priced vehicle options, all of which you can get right on your phone and in time for turkey day—with no long-term commitment and with an oh-so-sweet holiday promo code.

Stars & Their Cars

17 Classic Photos That Prove The Rich & Famous Roll In Style

Cars and celebrities have always made a powerful combination, giving the coolest, fastest and most expensive rides a prominent place in pop culture. Much more than just modes of transportation, the cars of the rich and famous have become status symbols of the American Dream. Here, we take a look back at some of the most notable celebrity cars throughout time.

The Best Way To Sell Your Car

Your Decision Comes Down To Convenience vs. Value

If you’ve ever wanted to part with a car, you know how hard it can be. After all, you’re giving up the one physical object that’s been a part of all your awkward dates, mind-numbing commutes, and off-key power ballad sing-alongs. Here are three ways to get rid of a car that’s outlived its place in your life.