Tricia Tongco

Things You Shouldn't Own

From Music to Clothing, Flexible-Use Models Are Changing How We Experience Our Favorite Things

Listening to your favorite song used to mean going to the record store to spend $20 on an entire CD of mostly unheard tracks—and then making room for it forever on your now impossible-to-dust window sill. Of course, music streaming means nobody has to actually "own" music anymore. Here's how similar subscription-style services are changing other industries—from entertainment to fashion and beyond.

A New Way to Drive

Why This Family Man Ditched His Buy-And-Hold Car Credo

Consulting recruiter Uros Majstorovic, 29, always believed in the benefits of buying a car new and driving it until the bitter end. But when he realized his longtime vehicle was worth less than what it would cost to get it back in shape—and that he actually hadn't enjoyed driving it for years—he went looking for another one. He wasn't expecting what happened next.

How Do I Return My Fair Car?

Some of the worst things in life have one thing in common: it’s harder to get out of them than it is to get in. But unlike cults, open wells and vacation timeshares, walking away from your Fair car is as easy as ordering it on the app. Here’s our quick three-step guide on turning in your Fair ride to ensure you won’t face any surprises when you're ready to move on to another car—or give some other mode of transportation a try.

‘Adulting’ Without Credit

Use These Five Tips to Achieve Mastery Over Your No-Credit Life

After you graduate from college, the only grade that really matters is your credit score. And if you’re like most young adults, yours might not exactly be “killing it.” With nearly 70 percent of Americans have committed a major financial mistake before turning 30, here are five tips for navigating your beginning adult years without a solid credit score on your side.

What Is Routine Maintenance Anyway?

Your Fair Car Includes It. What It Covers May Surprise You.

Just like us, our cars need regular checkups to make sure they’re in good shape. Thankfully, every Fair car comes with two annual routine maintenance visits, covering oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections. So how do you, maintenance-minded Fair customer, take advantage of this important benefit?