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The Best Summer Convertibles on Fair

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BY Katie KennedyJuly 3, 2019

Sun’s out, guns out! Or should we say… tops down?

Fact is, nothing captures the easy-going spirit of summertime like driving a convertible on a warm night with the music blaring and the wind blowing through your hair.

And these good vibes could be just a few taps away from sitting in your parking space thanks to the awesome selection of roof-optional rides available on Fair. Just shop for the one you want, get approved, sign with your finger and drive it for as long as you choose – whether it’s for bikini season or your own endless summer.

Below is a seasonal selection of our favorites.

Ford Mustang


Come on, you knew this American classic would end up on our summer playlist. When you sit behind the wheel of this power-charged pony, you can feel over half a century of history—and the marveling eyeballs of no shortage of jealous onlookers.

The newest model of the brand gives a nod to its rich history with a forward-facing tech focus that reviewers say “artfully blends old with new.”

And keeping with the times, Ford offers two different versions: the GT for people who want the full power of a V8; and the EcoBoost, for those who prefer the fuel economy of a 4-cylinder without sacrificing a whole lot of performance.

Ready to write your own great American story? We have a ton of convertible Mustangs in our marketplace, just waiting for you to drive.

BMW 4 Series

BMW 4 Series

Needless to say, the “Ultimate Driving Machine” is definitely a solid match for the ultimate of seasons. And no matter where you sit on the Bimmer vs. Beemer pronunciation continuum (they’re Bimmers, btw), this baby is not going to disappoint. Reviewers are calling the convertible 4 Series “blessed with a stellar driving experience” and “the best at balancing frills and thrills.”

When the 4s debuted in 2014 as a replacement to the iconic 3 Series convertible, they were built to blaze the autobahn. The sleek luxury hardtop convertibles deliver powerful goods, with 4- and 6-cylinder engines (with 248 or 320 horses under the hood), making for a popping, peppy ride. Ready to cruise in some serious style? Get started here.

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the launch of the iconic Mini brand, with the Cooper following a couple years later.

And if you’re looking for a crazy fun ride with a retro feel and great fuel efficiency, you’ve definitely got a winner in the Cooper.

The little rally cars are notorious for packing a big punch in a small package, having nabbed three wins at the prestigious Monte Carlo rally in the 1960s. And you can shop a great selection of zippy pre-owned convertible versions right here.

Volkswagen Beetle

VW Beetle

We’ve professed our love of the infamous Beetle before. It’s a little slice of quirky automotive bliss, bursting with nostalgia cache. And when you add the exhilaration of a convertible Cabrio, you get a full trifecta of summer bliss.

The original Beetle is the longest produced car in history, manufactured and sent out into the world for a whopping 65 years. And it’s secured a big place in pop culture, from the Beatles' Abbey Road album cover to the Transformers franchise.

The modern incarnation of the machine keeps its offbeat style, but with a standard turbocharged engine to throw in a nice bit of zip. But if you’ve been thinking about driving your very own love bug, you better get on it. The modern Beetle is officially being retired (at least for now) as the company focuses on SUVs, crossovers, and EV vehicles.

Sound up your alley? Bug out here.

Chevrolet Camaro


With performance and looks that make a statement, the Camaro is a bona fide American legend.

When the car was designed in 1966 to go head-to-head against the Mustang, it went by the code name Panther. But at go-time, the brand introduced it as the Camaro instead, with GM product managers describing it as “a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs.”

Aww, snap!

Yes, the pair of American-born speedsters have been battling it out for decades, but the Camaro line had a drop-the-mic moment in 2016 when it was named Motor Trend’s Car of the Year.

Car critics rave about the machine’s exhilarating power, calling the performance of the modern incarnation “blistering” and “dynamic.” So if you’re looking for a powerful muscle car to go with your muscle shirt (and at monthly payments that won’t make you lose yours), check out our selection here.

Audi A3


What better way to show off your “innie” this summer than by driving an Audi?

Sorry, we’re better than that.

Anywho… keeping with the brand’s focus on combining cutting-edge tech with high-end luxury, the modern A3s pack a whole lot of punch into a sleek, compact package. Reviewers have gushed about the convertible Audi Cabriolet and its impressive 184 horses, pointing out its “appealing blend of style, performance and creature comforts.”

So if vanguard tech and sleek looks are just your speed, you can pick one up through Fair right here.

Buick Cascada


Being the oldest automobile brand in America makes Buick a name to be reckoned with.

And while its newest rag-top, the Cascada, may not have the immediate recognition of the opening notes of this year’s summer anthem (whenever that officially gets crowned), this beauty will definitely get you to your destination in high style.

When the model first hit the scene in 2016, it was the first convertible the brand had put out since the two-seater Reatta in 1990 and 1991. While Buick definitely made sure to give the Cascada an outside that would turn heads, it also jammed it full of more goodies than a beach cooler, including a navigation system with 7-inch touchscreen.

Roomy enough for four, this ride can easily haul you and your crew to an action-packed day of beach volleyball—or a not-so-action-packed day of just, you know, lying on a beach towel.

So why wait? Get your summer started here with any of these models. And remember to wear sunscreen. You’ll thank us later in life.

As flexible as your life.

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