Car Stuff

How To Wash Your Car

Everything You Need To Know About Giving Your Ride a Proper Scrub

So you're a fiscally responsible adult who's landed a dream car. But you dread paying the big bucks for that fancy car wash, don't have time to DIY it, and don't trust that sketch automated car wash attached to the gas station. What are you supposed to do? Grab a sponge and soak up some car-washing knowledge.

7 Fair Cars For Thanksgiving

Do Turkey Day In Style With Holiday Promo On These Sweet Options

Whether you’re visiting the fam long-distance, taking a mini-vacation or having the relatives trek to you, Fair has cars to fit whatever version of Thanksgiving you celebrate. Here are seven reasonably priced vehicle options, all of which you can get right on your phone and in time for turkey day—with no long-term commitment and with an oh-so-sweet holiday promo code.

Stars & Their Cars

17 Classic Photos That Prove The Rich & Famous Roll In Style

Cars and celebrities have always made a powerful combination, giving the coolest, fastest and most expensive rides a prominent place in pop culture. Much more than just modes of transportation, the cars of the rich and famous have become status symbols of the American Dream. Here, we take a look back at some of the most notable celebrity cars throughout time.

Why Jeeps Rule

7 Reasons To Love America's Original 4x4

It’s hard to find a vehicle more American than the Jeep. Fact is, there are a lot of reasons that the Jeep—and specifically, the Wrangler—is regarded as one of the most distinctive and timeless automobiles ever.

6 Fair Cars For Less Than Your Monthly Groceries

When you think of your monthly expenses, what does a few hundred dollars typically get you? Pilates/Crossfit/yoga classes? Well, what if two Benjamins (and a few Jacksons) could get you a car? In fact, this exact scenario is entirely possible if you’re into these six Fair models—each one running you less than $300 per month.

Little-Known Facts About These 17 Vintage Cars

From kit cars to mid-century sedans to rare supercars, these 17 timeless automobiles will make even the most tech-obsessed modern driver yearn for the good old days.