How To Fair

What If My Fair Car Gets Damaged?

Fair Has Your Back Through All Levels Of Vehicle Hurt

Getting in a fender bender is one of life’s pesky inevitabilities. You know it’s going to happen sometime; you just don’t know when and you hope it’s nothing too serious. The good news? Fair is here to help you sort out the aftermath of a road run-in—or any other level of damage.

How Fair Mileage Works

Figuring your car's annual mileage may be the worst part of filing your annual tax return. After all, did the epic road trip you back-ended onto that conference in Vegas count as "business miles"? And how are you supposed to know your odometer reading from last year? By going through old oil change receipts? Fortunately, figuring the mileage that comes with your Fair car is easy! We walk you through how in this handy guide.

How Do I Return My Fair Car?

Some of the worst things in life have one thing in common: it’s harder to get out of them than it is to get in. But unlike cults, open wells and vacation timeshares, walking away from your Fair car is as easy as ordering it on the app. Here’s our quick three-step guide on turning in your Fair ride to ensure you won’t face any surprises when you're ready to move on to another car—or give some other mode of transportation a try.

What Is Routine Maintenance Anyway?

Your Fair Car Includes It. What It Covers May Surprise You.

Just like us, our cars need regular checkups to make sure they’re in good shape. Thankfully, every Fair car comes with two annual routine maintenance visits, covering oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and multi-point inspections. So how do you, maintenance-minded Fair customer, take advantage of this important benefit?

The Best Way To Sell Your Car

Your Decision Comes Down To Convenience vs. Value

If you’ve ever wanted to part with a car, you know how hard it can be. After all, you’re giving up the one physical object that’s been a part of all your awkward dates, mind-numbing commutes, and off-key power ballad sing-alongs. Here are three ways to get rid of a car that’s outlived its place in your life.