Money Matters

My Budget-Sized Life

I Was Raised Cheap—Now I Choose To Be 'Fabulously Frugal'

Growing up in Ohio, my parents passed on the ancient art of penny-pinching. And now that I'm living an adult(ish) life in oh-so-expensive Seattle, I’ve elevated my ability to hond onto a buck to levels even they might find impressive.

Why Owning A Car Costs More Than You Think

Having your own car is awesome. But is actually owning it worth the cost? Turns out, car ownership comes with a slew of random expenses you might not have considered when you agreed to that five-figure sticker price.

‘Adulting’ Without Credit

Use These Five Tips to Achieve Mastery Over Your No-Credit Life

After you graduate from college, the only grade that really matters is your credit score. And if you’re like most young adults, yours might not exactly be “killing it.” With nearly 70 percent of Americans have committed a major financial mistake before turning 30, here are five tips for navigating your beginning adult years without a solid credit score on your side.

My Car Loan Nightmare

A Temporary Employer Insisted I Get an Auto Loan. The Damage Was Quite Permanent.

In my first autumn out of college, I got a job working for the campaign of a state school board candidate in the Gulf Coast region of Texas. It was not my dream job. In fact, it was glorified temp work. But that didn’t stop the consultants who’d hired me from insisting that I procure, as a part of my duties, a permanent set of wheels. Agreeing to their demand turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Why Auto Debt Sucks.

We Owe More On Cars Than Credit Cards. That's A Problem.

Since the beginning of the auto industry, car loans have been how most of us who don’t have a spare $35k in our money clips can afford a vehicle. But have you ever examined what you’re really taking on when you agree to an auto loan—or how perilously deep this river of debt actually runs?

5 Subprime Auto Loan Lessons From John Oliver

As the undisputed king of the segment-based hammer drop, John Oliver's genius is on full display in an epic video targeting the predatory practices of the subprime auto loan industry. We break down its five most buzz-worthy moments.