Your Flex Life

The 7 Best Countries For Working Abroad

To some Americans, remote work is not merely a perk; it's the whole point. And for those capable enough to really turn the logistics in their favor, the ultimate goal is to do it in another country. Whether you want to work from a sandy beach or hunker down in an idyllic snowy cabin, there’s an option on this list for everyone.

Know Your Driving Deductions

Tracking Your Business Mileage? 7 Things Freelancers Should Consider

Working in the gig economy means constantly adjusting to a life outside the traditional trappings of a full-time office. One of the most important practices any freelancer or contractor needs to master is navigating their taxes—specifically their deductions. And if you use your car during the course of your work, this means tracking write-offs related to the car you use for your daily grind.

How To Be A One-Car Family

Downsizing To A Single Vehicle Brings Savings, Requires Flexibility

Many families are known to experiment with extreme household budget-cutting. But going to a single car? Is that even realistic? We spoke to couples who pulled it off to discover the pros, cons and unexpected challenges of axing one of their biggest and most sacred financial commitments: their second car.

Experience ‘Kondo’ Living

What The Simplicity Guru Is Really Teaching Us About Modern Life

For millions around the world, minimalism guru Marie Kondo doesn't just have solutions; she has the answer. And while the conversation around the Tidying Up star and author often focuses on the act of decluttering, we take a look at the more fundamental idea behind it: freeing yourself from physical trappings to live your best life.

6 Fab Coworking Spaces

There’s No Shortage Of Shared Office Options. Here Are Some Of The Most Popular.

Not long ago, working from home was the new American dream. A ten-second commute from your bedroom to your home office. Seriously, what’s not to love? But home is no longer where the heart is for the professionally mobile, who are setting up shop in record numbers at perk-laden coworking spaces. Here are some of the most popular options out there.

Surviving The Gig Economy

Bank Cash and Avoid Debt As A Freelancer

According to a recent study, freelancers will make up more than half of the American workforce by 2027. The good news is that independent contractors don't have to go it alone. There’s actually a pretty robust network of support—and no shortage of apps—to help address worries over everything from a lack of retirement savings to unexpected or habitual levels of debt.

These 10 Places Will Pay You To Move There

Would you pick up your life and move to get a nice tax break, help with your student loan, or just score a nice check? From rolling prairie hamlets and rust-belt revival towns to international villages, we've discovered the top locales ponying up to import talent.

10 Road Movies For Winter Blues

These Cinematic Journeys Can Add Some Summer To Your New Year

Feeling cooped-up after a holiday spent amid winter’s tragically limited color scheme? Finding yourself in the middle of a month-long holiday hangover? We've just the thing to incite some inspiration: a great American road trip. On film, that is.

Things You Shouldn't Own

From Music to Clothing, Flexible-Use Models Are Changing How We Experience Our Favorite Things

Listening to your favorite song used to mean going to the record store to spend $20 on an entire CD of mostly unheard tracks—and then making room for it forever on your now impossible-to-dust window sill. Of course, music streaming means nobody has to actually "own" music anymore. Here's how similar subscription-style services are changing other industries—from entertainment to fashion and beyond.

5 Ways To Pooch-Proof Your Road Trip

The only thing better than taking a road trip is taking one with your dog. Whether you’re seeing the country, visiting friends or family, or driving just for the sake of it, here’s how to make sure you and your four-legged pal have a safe and fun time on the road.

Meet Today’s ‘Anywhere Employees’

New Companies, Greater Freedoms Bring New Meaning To Working Remotely

The concept of working remotely is busting free from home offices and heading across the globe, thanks to employers and services catering to the “untethered” lifestyle. And while this nomadic workforce demands flexibility in housing and transportation to enable their go-anywhere lives, they certainly don’t have to go it alone.

A New Way to Drive

Why This Family Man Ditched His Buy-And-Hold Car Credo

Consulting recruiter Uros Majstorovic, 29, always believed in the benefits of buying a car new and driving it until the bitter end. But when he realized his longtime vehicle was worth less than what it would cost to get it back in shape—and that he actually hadn't enjoyed driving it for years—he went looking for another one. He wasn't expecting what happened next.

Why People Are Owning Less

Experiences Are Replacing Possessions As What Define Us

There was a time when the American dream was defined by what we owned: a house, car, jewelry, furniture, artwork. Having stuff meant we were successful and statused and, man, we just loved it all. But, as the saying goes, times have changed. People—particularly Millennials—have come to understand that owning something actually carries significant life-inhibiting costs: time, maintenance, storage, repairs, even your peace of mind. Here are six reasons that millions of people are simplifying their lives for the better by owning less stuff.

The 7 Stark Realities Of Entering the Gig Economy

Flexibility Is Key To Mastering The Freelance Life

The notion of work is changing. Nowadays, even those of us with full-time jobs are more likely to set our own hours, dress codes and other previously set-in-stone elements of office life. For those working the gig economy, the freedoms are even greater—and it can be equal parts awesome and stressful.