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Doing Something (And Nothing) During COVID-19

Free Delivery, Reduced Prices Are Part of Our Coronavirus Response. So is Family Time and Zoom Trivia.

BY Fair StaffApril 2, 2020

It’s hard to imagine anyone whose life has not been impacted by the rapidly unfolding COVID-19 situation.

With offices and meeting places closed, some are fortunate enough to find themselves waiting things out from the relative comfort of their homes, safe with loved ones and replicating their work lives as best as they can.

Millions more are in far more difficult circumstances, whether dealing with sickness themselves or facing daily danger on the pandemic’s front lines by serving others in our hospitals, stores and other essential businesses.

With these people in our hearts, we at Fair are taking a number of steps to ensure that anyone who needs a car can access one more affordably and safely – without even leaving the safety of their home.

First, Fair is offering a free delivery option for the foreseeable future that allows customers to complete the entire process of getting a Fair car from wherever they’re practicing social distancing. This delivery option means a Fair customer’s entire experience – from getting approved, shopping, document signing, and arranging for the car to be brought to them – can be completed from anywhere, with no negotiation, dealership visit or even physical paperwork.

In instances where delivery is not available, we will work with our dealer partners to ensure a minimum amount of contact during vehicle pickup, which simply requires customers to show their driver’s license and insurance information and take the keys.

Further, we have initiated price reductions on almost all vehicles throughout the Fair app. These price reductions amount to an average discount of around $30 off the average monthly payment and around $100 off the average down payment.

These price decreases can also be paired with a code-based discount we are offering through the end of April for another $200 off the start payment of the Fair car of your choice. To take advantage of this discount, just use the code FAIR200 at checkout.

We know these steps are minor in the grand scheme of this pandemic, but we’re hopeful that they can at least bring a small sense of security to those who must perform necessary travel during this deeply uncertain time.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to stay in touch with you here as we all seek community and calm through the text and Slack chains, online meetings and virtual hangouts that are defining togetherness in this time of forced separation.

So let’s all stay safe, take care of our families, and know that this time will be defined not by the event itself, but in our response to it.

Even when that response is doing nothing at all.

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