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We Want To Talk. And Listen.

BY Scott Painter, Fair CEOSeptember 24, 2018

A year ago, we launched Fair with one goal: to reset the relationship between people and their cars.

We wanted to create a new way to get a vehicle – from a pickup to a Prius to a Porsche – that’s as simple as placing an Amazon order. This meant creating a new system for a very old industry. It meant pulling the process of getting a car out of lots and back rooms, and putting it all on your phone. It meant giving people a choice when it comes to how long they want to drive their car. But more than anything, it meant coming up with a way to connect people with the cars they want without forcing them to take out a massive loan for an item that will only lose value over time.

By any measure, it’s been an outstanding first year. We’ve expanded to new markets and introduced thousands of customers to a new era in the auto industry – free from the traditional sales process, an auto loan, and even physical paperwork.

Now we want to do something just as important: start a conversation.

Welcome to the Fair Blog. We want to use this space to tell compelling and hopefully entertaining stories that will help our readers navigate the modern rules of employment and commerce – where the greatest power of all is the power of choice. To illustrate this, writer Carly Milne lays out the hidden joys and harsh realities of the gig economy – where flexibility in your transportation situation is just one of the things you’ll need on your side. On a lighter note, Tom Mullen describes the consumer power he realized when he turned the tables on his cable company by taking a pass on their incessant promos and finally escaping his seemingly endless contract.

Of course, we’ll also talk plenty about cars, which continue to represent one of the shiniest threads in our societal fabric. Writer Liz Knueven answers the first question many prospective Fair drivers ask – "What should I do with my current car?” – by walking through the pros and cons of trading it in, selling it yourself or exploring a specialty solution. And in this photo retrospective, we take a nostalgic tour of vintage cars, detailing the little-known facts that made each of them a unique part of American car culture.

We also want to use this space to expose the multiple layers of unfairness that have been ingrained in the car industry for far too long. Many of these imbalances stem from the concept of the car loan itself – an inherently bad bet that’s denied mobility to millions and stuck countless more with life-ruining levels of debt. To explore this, writer Thom Fain breaks down how auto loans stack up against other major forms of debt – and why they deserve just as much scrutiny as credit cards and student loans. Finally, Andy Stonehouse takes us back to an epic John Oliver segment on the excesses of the subprime auto lending industry and how it has negatively impacted far too many Americans.

As you can see, we have a lot to talk about. So please continue to check back here for advice, opinions, how to’s, life hacks and best of’s that touch on all the above. We’ll also find time to give you upfront and honest perspectives on Fair’s developments, decisions – and even our occasional growing pain – directly from the people charting our path forward.

Of course, having a conversation means we’re here to listen too. So feel free to drop us an email or comment and let us know what you’d like to talk about. We look forward to getting to know you.

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