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What If My Fair Car Gets Damaged?

Fair Has Your Back Through All Levels Of Vehicle Hurt

BY Thom FainDecember 13, 2018

Getting in a fender bender is one of life’s pesky inevitabilities—like getting a papercut or being summoned to jury duty. You know it’s going to happen sometime; you just don’t know when and you hope it’s nothing too serious.

Fortunately, Fair is here to help you sort out the aftermath of a road run-in—or any other level of damage to your beloved Fair vehicle.

Level 1: The Pre-Existing Scratch

So the 2017 Subaru Outback you got through Fair is ready for pickup. You signed for it on the app, the dealer gave it a nice scrub and placed it right up front at the dealership. But in the five excitement-blurred minutes it took to grab the keys and drive off the lot with it, you happened to miss a small, barely noticeable scratch on the rear bumper. You know stuff like this happens and you can certainly live with it. But you also want to make sure you’re not going to be left holding the bill for that action.

Of course, we encourage customers to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle before driving it off the lot. But this exact scenario is why Fair gives customers a full two days to report any previously undocumented damage to their Fair car by emailing You should be prepared to provide photos supporting the report, and we’ll note the damage on your account so you’re not charged for it when you decide to turn in the car.

Level 2: The Bumper Sticker

We’re all for you being free to express yourself vehicularly. Just note that any accessories you add to your Fair vehicle need to be removed before you turn it in. Fortunately, we’ve yet to meet a bumper sticker that an expertly applied razorblade, a wet rag and a bottle of Goo-B-Gone couldn’t handle.

Planning some minor modifications to your ride? That’s cool. Removable window tinting, a truck bed liner, tow hitch, roof rack systems and other similar mods are all fair play. Just be sure to restore the vehicle to factory standards prior to returning the vehicle. If you’re planning something more involved, please call or email us beforehand as more major changes to your vehicle require written permission. You can chat with us in-app, reach us by phone at 1-833-387-6677 or via email at

Level 3: The Morning Coffee Incident

Let’s suppose you’ve been in your Fair vehicle for a while. You know where the “lock/unlock” button is without guessing, and even managed to locate that elusive alternate USB plug.

But this morning you got a little too comfortable with your surroundings and bricked your venti Starbucks macchiato off the supple rim of the driver-side cupholder, spilling its contents all over the lushly carpeted passenger floor.

For cases like this, Fair offers an optional excess wear & tear protection waiver to cover the spills, scrapes and scratches that often accompany a life well-lived. If you didn’t opt for this plan, you might be best suited to having the damage repaired in order to skirt any added cost when you turn in the car. Otherwise, any noticeable damages will be subject to the fair market cost it takes to repair them.

Level 4: The Fender Bender

As stated at the beginning of this article, we’ve all been here. You felt a slight bump or nudge in traffic, pulled over, checked things out. Good news: It’s nothing serious. Maybe your bumper is slightly out of whack, but you can safely drive your vehicle and, more importantly, nobody’s hurt.

Since collision damage is not included in our wear & tear protection, Fair offers its own brand of optional car insurance to cover such incidents. It can easily be added to your monthly payment during your digital checkout. Of course, you can also opt for using your own insurance if you want to keep it. It’s totally up to you.

Just note that if you damage your Fair car and don’t have it fixed, you’ll be responsible for the damage when you turn it in.

Level 5: The Full-On Accident

First of all, we hope you’re OK! Again, this kind of damage falls outside Fair’s wear & tear protection—but fortunately that’s what insurance is for. If there were injuries, Fair insurance can help with any medical bills as well as vehicle damage. And if you use another insurance provider, you can chat with us on the app or email us at with any claim information so we can file it to your account.

And in the event of a total loss, please contact us immediately with supporting cost and documentation that shows your odometer and date of loss so we can prioritize getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

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