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More Than Half Of Eligible Fair Users Opt For It. Should You?

BY Katie KennedyMay 1, 2019

Raise your hand if you love talking about car insurance!

Sooo… just us?

We get it. On the “fun” scale, auto insurance ranks somewhere between loud eaters and unprompted autocorrect fixes. But it is something that anyone who drives needs. After all, keeping your car insured is the law—and really helpful if you ever find yourself touching bumpers with a stranger.

Equally as helpful, Fair offers enrollment in its auto insurance program (in every state but New York) right in-app as an optional add-on to the monthly payment for your Fair car. And while you’re certainly free to keep your normal insurer if they’re getting the job done, it doesn’t hurt to check out Fair’s coverage—especially when the quote comes right to you as part of your Fair experience.

Before you read on, please note that Fair does not offer insurance in all states and not all consumers are eligible for it. We’re only hitting the highlights here, so if you want the full terms-and-conditions routine, see our insurance form in the app. Additionally, Fair Insurance may not be the best fit for every consumer, so please be sure to evaluate all your options.

So What Is Fair Insurance?

Fair Insurance is coverage offered exclusively to certain eligible Fair customers right in the app, and meets state requirements for liability coverage. If you add Fair insurance to your Fair vehicle, you’ll get confirmation during the shopping process, and you’ll be good to start driving your Fair car with it right away. No phone calls to insurance providers, no rates to chase down.

“We’re actually one of the only companies that has the ability to get a quote and finalize that quote just by clicking a button,” said Jason Sellers, Fair’s Director of Insurance.

Not only can you get the plan in a click, but your key auto expenses are bundled into one easy monthly payment—so you can keep practically all your car-related costs in one place instead of breaking out the checkbook to keep up with the potential small army of vendors that make up the traditional driving experience.

Please note that Fair Insurance provides coverage during personal use and does not provide coverage for the commercial use of a Fair vehicle, such as in ridesharing or delivery services. For Fair’s rideshare program, commercial use of a Fair vehicle is allowed only when covered by the commercial policy of the transportation network company or logistics services platform during the period of commercial use. Also, Fair Insurance in that instance only covers the customer and does not cover use of your Fair car by members of your household.

Is Fair Insurance Right For You?

Over half of the users who are eligible for Fair Insurance for their car end up going with it. Not only are Fair’s rates extremely competitive, but Fair Insurance is specifically tailored to Fair drivers—giving you the coverage required by law for up-front rates. And your policy is as flexible as your Fair contract, automatically shutting off when you turn in your Fair car.

“When I tried to cancel my policy early with another company a few years back, they tried to charge me $50 and make me send in a paper form,” Sellers said. “Fair insurance is designed specifically to fit the flexibility of our drivers so you never even have to think about it when you turn in your car; it shuts off by itself and is just as easy to restart when you get another car.”

How To Get It

Once you’ve chosen the perfect Fair car in the app, just scroll down to Fair Insurance, and you can see the estimated insurance cost and estimated total payment with insurance factored in.

If you have questions beyond that, you’re welcome to email us at with any questions or concerns. You can also reach us through the chat feature on our app.

If you’re going to drive, car insurance is just a fact of life. So why deal with it when you can leave it to us?

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