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These 10 Places Will Pay You To Move There

BY Liz KnuevenJanuary 22, 2019

Would you pick up your life and move to get a nice tax break, help with your student loan, or just a nice check?

If so, there’s a decent list of U.S. states, cities and towns that would love to hook you up—not to mention a few international population centers vying to do the same.

In an age where even local governments are competing for top young talent to stave off problems like economic uncertainty and inadequate local healthcare, many of them are offering cash to attract debt-laden Millennials with a college education and skills to put to work.

From rolling prairie hamlets to rust-belt revival towns to New England escapes to international villages, these are the locales ponying up to import the country’s best and brightest.

1. Maine

Maine’s incentive originally started as a way to keep young professionals from leaving the state. It’s since expanded to attract newcomers, bringing in people with a nice tax credit that allows you to subtract the amount you spend on loans from what you owe the state in taxes. In addition to this benefit, you’ll get to enjoy long, snowy winters and beautiful New England seasons. Plus, this state boasts more shoreline than California. Waterfront property, anyone?

2. Alaska

The last frontier will pay you a pretty penny for moving there each year. The money comes from the Permanent Fund Dividend Division, a fund which cuts you a check just for living there. You’ll have to live there for a year before you can claim it, and you’ll have to intend to live there permanently. Not that hard when you consider the rugged beauty of this incredible place. But you’ll enjoy more than stunning vistas as each qualifying Alaska resident received about a $1,600 disbursement in 2018.

3. Hamilton, Ohio

With an eligible workforce where only about 15 percent of residents have college degrees, the city of Hamilton, Ohio, is looking to bring in educated professionals. All you have to do is move there with at least $5,000 in student debt, get a job, and apply for the cash through the city’s Talent Attraction Program Scholarship. The city planned to pick 10 people to receive disbursements in 2018, with plans to expand the program in 2019 and beyond. Just a short jaunt from the cities of Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, Hamilton could be a great home for those selected.

4. Kansas

If you’re open to making a home where the buffalo roam, you might want to consider the Sunflower State. If you move there with a degree from an accredited institution and stay, you could get up to $15,000 worth of loan forgiveness over the course of five years. Currently, 77 counties are participating in this program as so-called Rural Opportunity Zones. So if a home on the range sounds good to you, it could be worth a decent financial windfall.

5. Vermont

For those of us who work remotely, Vermont’s incentives are sweeter than their famous maple syrup. You could see up to $10,000 just for moving to the popular tourist destination if you meet their qualifications—perfect for penny-pinchers and the adventurous alike.

6. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa has come a long way from its country song roots, boasting a strong energy industry presence, one of the coolest public parks in the world, and a Hipster cred vouched for by none other than Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia fame. The city is further living up to its reputation as a Millennial hub by offering $10,000 in grants to remote workers who come to live there for a full year—which even includes a membership at a local co-working space. Now that’s a deal that could put anyone on Tulsa Time.

7. St. Clair County, Michigan

A cluster of small towns along Lake Huron and the St. Clair River offers more than just a laid-back lakeside lifestyle and midwestern hospitality. It will offer educated, young adults an incentive for moving back there. The county has found that it could use more healthcare and STEM experts—and is willing to pay for that expertise. Some have seen up to $15,000 for moving there.

8. North Platte, Nebraska

From an opportunity perspective, this small town in the middle of Nebraska has never looked better as it’s making a major push to attract skilled talent. The local chamber of commerce is offering to help fund relocation expenses or even make a down payment on a home or apartment for qualifying new arrivals—welcome help for any young person stuck with mounds of student debt. Add that to a cost of living that consistently ranks as one of the lowest in the nation, and Nebraska suddenly sounds like the kind of place a budget-conscious young person could see themselves.

9. Candela, Italy

This remote and charming Italian village is home to just over 2,000 people—a far cry from the more than 8,000 people who lived there in the 1990s. To combat this population loss, the town’s mayor is offering up to 2,000 euros to entice people to move there. If you’re looking for an international escape and want to get paid for it, this could be one for you. To qualify, new residents must live in Candela, rent a house and make a salary of at least 7,500 euros per year. The medieval town in Puglia is picturesque to say the least, and you might even see rents for less than dinner for two in Los Angeles. It’s an alluring option for those looking to swap big city life for the Italian countryside.

10. Saskatchewan, Canada

This Canadian province offers funds to those who have graduated from an approved post-secondary program within the past seven years. In an effort to retain graduates, they’ll offer up to $20,000 in tax credits for those with four-year undergraduate degrees, and they’ll also give incentives to those with other degrees and certifications.

As flexible as your life.

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