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Getting a Car Is Now As Easy As Your Favorite Food App

Meal Apps Are Cool. This Car App May Be Cooler.

BY Katie KennedySeptember 23, 2019

A case of the munchies used to set off way more than just hunger pangs. In fact, it could spark an intense round of roommate bargaining about who should go out and get that grub.

These disputes could be solved a number of ways, from the whiney “I went last time” to the score-keeping “I fly, you buy” to a random game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Unfortunately, just deciding on this designated food-fetcher could take as long as getting the food—and cause just as much heartburn.

These days, of course, there are apps for those apps (and whatever else you might be craving). With a few screen taps, the world is now your virtual pantry, allowing you to binge-watch your favorite show right up until it’s time to dive into your freshly delivered UberEats order.

Amazingly, the same glorious digital economy that lets us use our phones to order our calories is doing the same for cars—and it’s all happening on a brand-new app called Fair.

Not only does it let you shop for the exact car you want right on your phone, but it lets you sign for that baby with your finger, drive away with it, and turn it in whenever you want—with no long-term commitment, negotiation or even physical paperwork.

Here are five reasons that’s an even bigger deal than on-demand pad thai.

It’s All in the App

Whichever food delivery app you use, the process is simple: you find, order and pay right on your phone. There’s no haggling. Nobody takes you on a long tour of the menu. And the bank definitely doesn’t have to get involved.

Amazingly, you can now get your next car the exact same way on Fair. Browse a menu of pre-owned cars—not by their price, but by their monthly payment—and pick the one you want. Then just link a form of payment (your credit card, Apple Pay, whatever), sign for it right in the app with a few swipes, and keep it as long as you want.

Someone Else Does the Hard Part

When you order dinner on your favorite food app, there’s no hard-to-follow recipe or impossible-to-find ingredients. There’s just food. You order it, you eat it. It’s not complicated, just delicious.

Now, getting a car is the same way. Fair handles the numbers and you simply arrange a time to pick it up. There’s no pressure, no financing, and no being left alone in a fluorescent-lit back room for half an hour at a time because the dealership guy has to “talk to his manager” for the 15th time.

No Crazy Prices

When you order in a sit-down restaurant, you know the prices on the menu are pretty much just the beginning of things. Throw in sales tax, gratuity and those apps the waiter talked you into, and your meal out suddenly looks more like a week of groceries.

That’s pretty much what happens when you buy a car. You know full well that the sticker price of that SUV you’ve got your eye on isn’t the actual price when all is said and done. Far from it.

Well, Fair doesn’t play that ball. What you pay is right there on the app, including tax, title and registration. You’re not even on the line for the full price of the car. You just make one upfront Start Payment, a refundable security deposit and the first month's payment upfront. And from there, you just make good on the monthly payments for as long as you want to drive the car.

You Can Combo It Up!

Who doesn’t love a combo meal? You pick a number, someone hands you a bunch of food where literally everything was thought of: a main protein, some tasty side carb, and a frosty soda.

Fair takes this same three-in-one approach, bundling routine maintenance, a limited warranty and 24/7 roadside assistance right into the monthly payment of every Fair car.

Awesome Selection

With food delivery apps, the only limitation is your appetite. Want Persian food with a side of fried plaintains? Makes sense to us.

With Fair, you can get the exact pre-owned car you crave from the top dealers in your area. Shop from more than 20 brands, whether you want a convertible, SUV, compact, electric, hybrid, sports car, truck—okay, we’re tired of naming kinds of cars. Just check out Fair. It’ll have something you like.

What are you waiting for? Get a taste of Fair now!

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