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These Are The Top 5 Cars on Fair

BY Tricia TongcoDecember 18, 2018

When you browse through the Fair app you’ll see thousands of cars of all shapes, sizes, colors and prices. Having this many options can feel freeing, but also a little intimidating – like moving to a new city and trying to find a best friend from a seemingly endless sea of strangers.

To help you narrow things down a little, here are the most popular cars obtained by Fair customers over a recent three-month period, complete with Insta-worthy bios to help you decide which one is destined to be the newest member of your crew (for as long as you want it to be, at least).

1. Hyundai Accent: The (No) Drama Queen

Top 5 Cars Accent As the Number 1 car on the Fair app, the Accent has clearly got the goods. With a distinctive design, impressive fuel economy and high-level performance, it has all the makings of a star, but of course the Accent never acts like it. In fact, this vehicle’s no-muss, no-fuss approach makes it feel more like that super-talented, overly involved friend of yours who nonetheless never makes you feel guilty about not coming to one of her improv shows. After all, your Accent doesn’t need to be pampered or shined on. It’ll just keep bringing it day-in, day-out—without any need for special treatment.

2. Toyota Yaris: The Social Butterfly

Top 5 Cars Yaris With its perky cuteness and plethora of tech features, the Toyota Yaris is the social butterfly of this bunch – winning over any crowd with its uncanny versatility. Just as its adaptability helps it fit into any social situation, the Yaris’s easy maneuverability makes it easy to fit into almost any parking spot. With a busy schedule, the Yaris is hard to pin down, zipping around town from barre to brunch. But if you ever need a favor, this BFF will be there for you with a stellar predicted reliability rating to show for it.

3. Nissan Versa & Versa Note: The Bookworm

Top 5 Cars Versa Note One of the best values out there, this subcompact car is a smart choice—and has the impressive mileage stats to back it up. Touting ample cargo room, the Versa can handle pretty much any problem you throw at it – whether helping you figure out how to fit all your stuff inside for a move, or hitting you with deets about the song it’s streaming for you via its NissanConnect technology. With its quick turning radius, the ever-sharp Versa will keep you on your toes and do its part for your pub trivia team by delivering you there safely and efficiently.

4. Nissan Altima: The Rebel

Top 5 Cars Altima You might see this bad boy in the wild getting souped up with customizations—from a sharp spoiler to shiny rims. But even without any mods, the Altima turns heads with its bold, dramatic style. Sure, its sleek body might seem intimidating at first glance, but just wait until you get to know it. With spacious seats, this midsize sedan makes you feel instantly comfortable in your own skin. And even better, you’ll never get bored with its lively available V6 engine, which can leave your head spinning at the same time it makes you feel totally protected.

5. Ford Focus: The Class President

Top 5 Cars Focus With sporty handling and a high predicted reliability rating, the Ford Focus is both a star athlete and good all-around “people car” that makes anyone who drives it feel like they’ve known it for years. Not only is it fun to be around, but it also lets you take for granted its off-the-charts fuel efficiency of up to 40 miles per gallon – the best in this entire bunch. With a solid safety score and two potent turbocharged engines available, the Focus shines in all situations and with all kinds of drivers. In other words, it’s really going places.

Nice whip. No loan.

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