Data Science & Analytics

When Harvard Business Review proclaimed "data scientist" as the sexiest job in the 21st century, they probably had our team in mind. We work on projects that impact all aspects of the Fair customer experience-from how users interact with the Fair app to the systems that recommend various Fair products. Our modeling determines risk and pricing-and even predicts how long a given customer will likely keep a Fair car-so we can always match the right vehicles and customers. As a full-stack data science team, our skills cover business analytics, data visualization, data warehouse & ETL engineering, analytics and machine-learning model R&D, distributed learning platform engineering, and production service deployment. So if you have these undeniably attractive skills, we may have a spot for you!


    We are always looking for smart, forward-thinking problem solvers to join the Fair community.
    Email your resume to and once we open our next role, we'll reach out to you!