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Want to meet the drivers of tomorrow? Fair connects your inventory to the growing tech-centric population — and it doesn't cost a thing. We think that's Fair.

Fair delivers a
new kind of driver.

Today's consumers buy everything through their phones, even their next car. The Fair app allows them to pre-order a pre-owned or certified pre-owned car from your dealership, sign for it on their phone, and pick it up in person.

Fair gives you a
used car alternative.

Fair offers low monthly payments without tying the customer to a lengthy loan. Drivers can return their vehicle whenever they want with 5 days' notice. That means they have options for driving your cars. And options are Fair.

Fair builds relationships.

Meet your customers more often. Fair customers can service with you, and we ask them to come back to see you when they're ready to turn the car in. That means you build deeper relationships with happy customers.

Cost to Your Dealership

Cost to Your Dealership

Fair doesn't cost a dime.

Fair doesn't charge Dealers for clicks, leads or customers. To you, that means free customers. To us, that's just Fair.

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Success in today's auto industry means staying two steps ahead of change. That's why we're proud to serve a growing network of the nation's most innovative and customer-focused dealers. Join us and learn how Fair is the new way to drive.