First week’s free.*

Sign up for a Fair car to drive with Uber and the first weekly $185 payment is on us. Switching over from Lyft Express Drive? Fair will give you a $500 credit after you complete 70 trips in two weeks.±

Get a Car

It’s on us.

When you sign up for a Fair car to drive with Uber, we’ll cover the first weekly payment. So save that $185 for something better, like gas or groceries, and drive your car for free the first week.

Spend less per week.Save more each year.

Fair’s offer for Uber driver-partners costs less per week than Lyft Express Drive. That means you put more of that hard-earned money in your pocket. Over the course of a year, you can save more than $1,750.

$185/wk +tax


Switch to Fair. Get rewards from Uber.

Fair with Uber has better rewards than Lyft Express Drive. You can earn more rewards in 90 trips with Uber than you do in 110 trips with Lyft. There’s no comparison, but here it is anyway.

90 trips


110 trips


Rideshare-ready cars include:


Unlimited Miles

Roadside Assistance

Vehicle Registration

Routine Maintenance

Vehicle Warranty

We serve any eligible person 21 and over.

If you’re under 25 years old, you can’t get a car from Lyft Express Drive. To help more people get on the road with Uber, we made our minimum age requirement 21.

Meet our happy drivers.

Make the switch.

If you’ve driven for Lyft Express Drive in the last 30 days, Fair will give you a $500 credit when you switch and drive 70 trips with Uber in your first two weeks. It’s just this easy:

Eligible drivers sign up here.

Tax not included. Only available in California. To get a car with this offer, must be 21+ in age and have been approved to drive with Uber.

*The “First Week Free” special offer applies to Fair cars priced at $185/week (plus tax). For the “First Week free” offer, you will automatically receive Fair Credits in your Fair Wallet to cover your first weekly car payment ($185 plus tax) to Fair. Your only required payment that week will be a $185 refundable security deposit. The first week is defined as the period beginning the day you take possession of the Fair Vehicle (Day 1) through Day 7. You must take possession of the Fair Vehicle within 24 hours of signing (subject to our normal operating hours) or we reserve the right to cancel the transaction and refund your deposit. Only one offer per driver. Offer is valid for a limited time only. Terms are subject to change. Fair Credits are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

±For the “Switch from Lyft Express Drive” incentive program, you will receive $500 in Fair Credits in your Fair Wallet to apply to your payments to Fair only. The $500 in Fair Credits cannot be used toward the refundable security deposit or first weekly payment, which are due before you pick up your car at a Fair station, and cannot be converted to cash. The Fair Credits may be manually applied to subsequent weekly car payments before your payment due dates. After your Fair Credits have been completely redeemed, you will still be responsible for paying any balance remaining and making your ongoing weekly car payments to Fair until you return the car. Once you complete 70 trips within 2 weeks of obtaining the vehicle, please allow five business days for your Fair Credits to appear in your Fair Wallet. Your Fair Credits will expire 12 months after the date you receive them in your Fair Wallet. To qualify for this offer, you must (a) have been a valid Lyft Express Drive customer in good standing in the last 30 days, (b) provide valid proof of your Lyft Express Drive payment stub within the last 30 days at time of vehicle pickup, (c) be a new customer to the Fair weekly program for Uber and (d) complete 70 trips with Uber within 2 weeks of obtaining the vehicle. Only one offer per driver. Offer is valid for a limited time only. Terms are subject to change. Void where prohibited.

‡Special Uber offer applies to driver partners using Fair cars priced at $185/week (plus tax). Complete 90 trips with Uber each week to receive a $185 reward each week from Uber in your driver account. Rewards cannot be combined and you are eligible only for the maximum reward offered based on the total number of trips you complete. Payout from Uber will be reflected in your earnings statement on Thursdays. Canceled trips do not count toward the trip threshold. Trip requirements and the promotion payment are prorated based on when your Fair agreement begins. Starting the Monday following the date your rental agreement begins, you will receive the full week incentive. Uber reserves the right to withhold payment in the event of suspected fraud or abuse. Uber driver partners are still responsible to make weekly car payments to Fair. Drivers in Fair vehicles qualify for trip surge areas, but except as specified above may not qualify to participate in other promotional offers such as Boost Consecutive Trips, or Quest promotions. Offer subject to change or withdrawal at any time. For details click here. Note rewards amounts do not cover taxes. Uber is not responsible for the products or services offered by other companies, including Fair, or for the terms and conditions (including financial terms) under which those products and services are offered.